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Prepare for an interview with Bagsy. Why is interviewing so difficult to prepare for? Part of this can be broken into a few different sections. I’ll share with you EXACTLY how to answer interview questions including how to set yourself up in this game of chess. **Don’t forget, preparing for a job interview is practicing chess, not checkers.**


First – interview questions are not cut from the same cloth. That’s to say that when you’re preparing for an interview, there aren’t the same questions from company to company. You will find yourself with MANY different interview questions and variations of those. Searching the web for interview questions and answers or examples of how to answer these questions won’t help. 


Who knows if this company is going to ask you those questions? 


Your best bet is to formulate structure to answering your interview questions. Part of this can be done using this model for answering interview questions:


  • Once you hear the question, confirm you understand it properly.

This will do two things. You will buy a little bit of preparation time to think about your answer and put the onus back on the interviewer to provide additional context for the question. It’s implied, but helpful. You’ll also get additional info to help answer the question. Score.


  • After getting additional context or buying time, explain to them how you’re going to answer the question. 

All too often, candidates will jump into their answer and at times, veer off course. As an interviewer, I’m dying inside listening to this nonsense from a candidate who clearly is just answering whatever question they want to answer. By explaining your answer structure to the interviewer, it can also keep your thoughts organized.


Interview Question Answer Script:

Interviewer: “Tell me about the most difficult project you worked on.”

You: “Are you looking for a specific work project or from a specific company?”

Interview: [context]

You: “That’s a great question. I’ll give you the high level overview of the project from end to end and if you’d like to dive in anywhere, just let me know.”

By offering the interviewer the chance to “let you know”, you’re again offering additional information on an as needed basis. Don’t answer vomit all over the interviewer…they’re just looking for some info. Not all.


  • Clarify your answer satisfied their requirements and watch for body language. 

Did you know? Amazon trains their interviewers to not give facial or verbal queues to steer candidate’s answers or give them any indicator as to the success of their answer. 


With that, most companies don’t do this. Take advantage. Look for how your interviewer is responding to the interview question answer and adjust. You can always clarify with, “does that answer your question?” or “does that make sense?”. Super powerful. 

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