8 Alternatives to Indeed

Don’t get me wrong – Indeed is great. They offer a wonderful service. But if you’re applying for a job or looking for the best job hunting sites, wouldn’t it make sense to consider alternatives to Indeed.com?

Finding a job can be stressful, too. When you’re looking for a job online using the typical online job sites, it can be difficult to find sites like Indeed. Which ones are really capturing all of the job postings you’re a fit for?

You DO NOT want to miss out on a job posting because you only used one method to look for a job. If anything, finding a job should be a contact sport where you’re utilizing every tool you can think of; seriously. The basic search will only skim the surface of what’s out there.

I’d also like to talk about Secret Job Postings. If you’re unfamiliar with the posting, you can find it here. SJPs exist when you’re looking for a new job and you’re only based in one location. Read the full article for details. Tl;dr use a VPN service to have more access to postings.

Pro Tip: The best way to find a job will be ability to network. You aren’t hoping to advertise your search, rather, meet new people who may be able to connect you with your new job.

Job board sites exist as businesses online to earn money. Some offer premium job postings they sell to different companies in hopes they can earn revenue from the premium features, attracting more candidates and applicants.

The problem with paid job postings is they’re considered sponsored job posts and don’t reflect the best fit for you, rather an easy job to apply for and an easy job to find when you’re searching.

These are not the kinds of roles you want to limit your search to – they aren’t all encompassing enough and aren’t considered the best job search engines for 2019.

8 Alternatives to Indeed

  • CareerBuilder
  • Google for Jobs
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Simply Hired
  • Glassdoor Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Snag (aka Snagajob)
  • Craigslist
8 Alternatives to Indeed

This post will show you:

  • Alternatives to Indeed
  • The Best Job Search Engines
  • 7 Honorable Mentions
  • How to Find a Job Fast
  • How to Search for Jobs

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

CareerBuilder is one of the oldest and most useful job sites available today. Their job search engine has undergone substantial improvements over the previous years and they offer profile and resume posting too.

You can easily benefit from utilizing CareerBuilder’s paid services, BUT their free services are also very strong too. Their job aggregation is advanced and one of the earliest in the online job sites.

2. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

This one really isn’t the second best job search site alternative to Indeed, but it’s a strong contender. Google Jobs offers a powerful search engine that pulls from multiple places including other job aggregators.

Google is one of the new job hunting sites on the market as they’ve only recently honed their applying for a job capabilities – no one click apply, resume posting features, etc.

3. Monster.com

Monster	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

Coming in real hot at number 3 is Monster. Another OG in the job search site space, Monster has been around about the same amount of time as CareerBuilder. They have adapted to the changing landscape of job search and shared best practices and resources with job seekers.

Monsters also offers premium services, similar to CareerBuilder. Some employers will swear by Monster as their only job posting site of choice.

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

One of the fastest growing job search sites and alternatives to Indeed is ZipRecruiter. Their service is heavily marketed to employers creating a unique and untapped experience that job search sites like Monster and CareerBuilder are not utilizing.

ZipRecruiter has also created a custom way of delivering candidates to employers to take the hard part out of hiring.

5. Simply Hired

Simply Hired	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

Where to look for jobs – turn to Simply Hired. Taking job searching sites to another level with their service and ability to delivery quality content in job search. Candidates can get help finding a job through their extensive job hunting algorithms.

I wouldn’t consider a list of job websites without mentioning Simply Hired. They have been around for quite some time, not quite as long as Monster or CareerBuilder, but offer lots of unturned stones to apply to.

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor Jobs	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

Glassdoor – the job review site that doubles as an awesome job search site too. I have spent hours upon hours looking for a job and have used Glassdoor to scrape open jobs that never popped up on other job search sites.

Single handed, a site that help me find a job was Glassdoor. They aren’t your only resource but should be a part of your repertoire for your next job search. Period.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

We of course cannot mentioned job search sites without taking into consideration one of the most popular: LinkedIn. Their ability to help candidates find new job postings and network is second to none.

If you were searching the web for a job, LinkedIn is a great place to start. Careful – your info may be public to your current employer.

8. Craigslist

Craigslist	 - 8 Alternatives to Indeed on Bagsy.org

Wait – the place where I sold my couch is also the best job search engine you’re recommending? Yes.

Craigslist is a very helpful job search site due to its no frills approach and non automated nature of what the site is. Employers post jobs, for $25 each and have resumes emailed directly to their inbox. Period.

What does this mean for you as a job seeker? Your resume or email will be going straight to someone’s email inbox instead of an applicant tracking system. This is huge. Not only are you circumventing the job process by getting right to someone who can make a decision, jobs on Craigslist can be some of the easiest jobs to get.

PS – the link above is for New York’s Craigslist. No doubt will not apply to all, adjust your local Craigslist site accordingly. Unless you want to move to NY.

Still looking for help to find a job?

Pro Tip: If you’re actively looking for a new job, tidy up your LinkedIn profile to ensure it’s professional and contains enough keywords whereby a Recruiter could find your profile.

Try these Bagsy.org blog articles to help get you started. The best job hunting sites don’t also find you the best jobs. What if something isn’t posted? Or something isn’t a job but you would be great for it at the company? Try these:

All right – runners up. The ones who didn’t make the list for the best job search engines or alternatives to Indeed. Still, these are powerful job search sites you should use when you’re job hunting. It’s the perfect way to supplement additional job applications by finding a job on one of these sites.

Keep in mind as you look for the easiest way to find a job, it’s important to focus on quantity and quality. One million job applications that you aren’t a fit for aren’t nearly as powerful as one job application to which you’re the perfect fit. Don’t forget that when you’re searching for jobs. Without further ado, here they are.

17 Honorable Mentions

  1. US Job Board
  2. Hound
  3. Nation Job
  4. LatPro
  5. Execunet
  6. Jobs in Logistics
  7. Work Tree
  8. All Job Search
  9. Hot Jobs
  10. Job Spider
  11. Job Central
  12. Flex Jobs
  13. Snag
  14. Idealist
  15. College Recruiter
  16. Wow Jobs Canada
  17. Jobs Miner

In closing, I think finding a job is difficult and certainly one of the most frustrating parts in the process. Just the ability to get your information to those who are hiring is challenging. Think of it this way, how to find a job. Simple, right? Think again.

It’s the same as Google searching “how to sell my widget to people who want to buy and can afford my widget”. There just isn’t an easy way to find a job. Don’t despair, Bagsy.org is here to help in your job search and certainly help you get past the application stage. With that, it leads to a bonus section.

4 tips to earning more job interviews - basy.org

Some of these will not come as a shock. Whether your job interview is tomorrow or two weeks from now, simply getting a job interview comes before the job interview prep. You don’t need help with interview questions and answers until we’ve at least helped you get your interview setup first.


test and confirm quality and content of your resume - bagsy.org

Think your resume is great? Why? If you aren’t getting interviews or callbacks to interview at companies, then is your resume really great? Not trying to be a jerk, but you need to test this idea. How? It isn’t purely measured up you getting interviews at various companies using job search sites.

Some of this will depend on feedback you earn from trusted sources. Not your Uncle Mitch who has been working for 40 years at the gas company. (sorry Uncle Mitch). Network with genuine experts who aren’t trying to sell you on resume writing services and be open to their feedback.


When you get an interview ask how they found you - bagsy.org

What better way to earn free feedback on your resume and strategy for how to find a job than to ask the person who called you, how they found your info? Believe me, Recruiters are happy to share their journey to finding your info and it can be super helpful in directing your job search and how you go about finding a job.

To find a job isn’t some special, impossible feat; but you do need to be smart about how you approach your search. If you’re only looking for job boards that have one particular job, consider branching out.


Follow up scheduled, often, and early - bagsy.org

No one follows up. Or the few who do are so hap hazard in their approach, it’s obvious there isn’t much thought to their blanket email about “how honored they would be to work at MY company”.

Follow up can be your secret weapon to getting hired. Follow up by finding contact info of recruiters, hiring managers, or info about the job to let you ask about the status of your application. Over the phone or email are fine, but make sure you have this as a scheduled approach. Not a sloppy, shotgun approach you remember to do one Saturday morning (people generally don’t work Saturdays, and probably aren’t checking email).


stop applying for jobs and start interviewing - bagsy.org

Phew, this one will need an explanation because wow. This doesn’t make one shred of sense.

The time you spend on your job search should be divided by quality and likelihood you will find or land a job.

This of it this way, if you have an interview scheduled for two days from now, and you’re spending your time looking for more jobs to apply for, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on the most likely lead you have in the current job you’re interviewing for. STOP trying to think of only numbers. Again this is a mix of quality and quantity.

If your job search is purely made up of low quality applications without proper planning, you won’t find the job you’re after. Ever.