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He Said WHAT at Dinner!?

A final interview dinner with a C-level candidate we had been working on for 5 months. Multiple rounds of conversations, tests, and compensation negotiations, we were finally nearing the end of it all. I was sure of it. I could see the finish line.

Good Idea

Ugly Truth About Paid Resume Writing

Ugh…hate is a strong word. I’m real close to saying it though with how I feel about paid resume writing services. They prey on people who are (in some cases) in their most desperate time of need, only to use their hopes and dreams against them and charge them a bunch of money.

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Job Interview Questions

If you knew the questions in advance, you’d know how to prepare. You can’t possibly know or prepare for every possible interview question. Your interview preparation should focus, though, on common themes you will notice in the structure of interview questions.