For those who don’t know, this is Post Malone. He’s a rap star who has beat Michael Jackon’s record history according to Billboard’s charts with over 100-million record plays on Spotify. His Youtube videos have been viewed over 5 TRILLION times and are viewed an average of 5.6 million times per day.

Is your resume like Post Malone? His success is the exception and not the rule. His raw talent convinces even the sharpest critic he belongs in the rap industry despite his ponytail and funny mustache.

Your talent may be at the top of your game and the top of the industry. If you resume isn’t reflecting that, it will be an exception if you can convince someone when searching for a new role. Remember, they may not know you. Lead with the best possible impression first to ensure your convincing doesn’t take as much work.

Design your resume simply

You don’t need your photo embedded in the resume, your full address, or the job you had at Baskin Robbins in high school. Focus on readability and review your resume as if you only have 2-seconds to find out if it’s any good. The average recruiter will spend less time than that, sizing it up.

Always format as a PDF

It’s universal, and not everyone has Microsoft Word. With the growing popularity of the Google suite of products, you don’t want to risk any formatting issues by not having it as a PDF. What’s more, it’ll remove those squiggly lines from under words you misspelled, like your last name.

Get real feedback

Your family and friends love you. Find someone who doesn’t. They’ll give you the real talk on your resume and whether it’s any good. Don’t ask for general feedback, but ask them 2 questions. First, is this easy to read. Second, can you figure out what I do quickly? Otherwise, don’t listen to their “advice”. It’s probably wrong.

Remove your tattoos

Ok, not literally. But, if your resume has weird stuff on it like your interest in medieval action fighting robots, consider leaving that out for now. Remember, work experience and a few personal “highlights” are totally fine. Keep these highlights as such, and not something that could be misinterpreted.

Run AB testing

Try one format. Then try another. Compare your results to similar jobs and response rates and see if it makes sense to use one format over another. You might find certain keywords or styles resonate better with certain job types.

Ask recruiters for feedback

This might seem like an odd one, BUT, after speaking with recruiters (and recruiters only, not hiring managers) ask them for feedback on your resume. Explain that you’re always hoping to improve and seek out constructive feedback when possible and get their critique. If you don’t like their feedback, explain to them why they’re wrong (kidding).


Fix up your resume and get more interviews. It’s really simple math. If you aren’t getting interviews, consider changing your resume. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take risks. Remember the definition of insanity? Resume tips are just that. Suggestions on what might work for the masses. YMMV.