We’ll look at several different resume examples and critique which is the best format for a resume. I’ll also mention sections that may not be necessary (like a career objective). Finally, we’ll discuss how to format your own resume to ensure it gets the right attention from Recruiters and Hiring Managers. When we’re not talking about Post Malone’s Resume, we’ll look at actual resumes.

Example 1


This layout is traditional and uses bold lines to organize the readers attention. It’s easy to find information by looking at headings and dates are easily accessible too. The candidate shares their name, address, and phone number along with accomplishments they had while in the military.


The MBA doesn’t have an expected end date, which may have potential employers wonder how far along they are in earning their Master’s degree. The outer broder isn’t necessary and feels like you’re trapped into looking at what’s in the middle of the page to get away from the border.

Grade: B+

Example 2


One page, full contact info, education at the top. I like the education at the top because it lets the reader know right away this person has advanced education.


Tough to read – too much bolding in the company name, department/title, and city, state. The headings are also very small (though in all caps) and there is random underling which again, makes it difficult to know where to focus your attention. The large section of bullet points under the education is unnecessary and you should aim to focus on professional experience instead.

Grade: C

Example 3


This is by far my favorite layout so far. Clean, simple, articulate font choice, balanced. It gives you all of the information you need on one page and you can quickly navigate visually.


I don’t love the frat and sorority section for experience BUT if this is your only experience, I suppose you shouldn’t leave it blank. I would also add spacing in the date years 2016 – 2017 instead of 2016-2017.

Grade: A-


That’s what reviewing a resume looks and sounds like. Those are the types of things that impact how a reader looks at a resume and decides if they want to move forward with a candidate. When you’re writing your resume, be sure the effort you put into writing is also leveled with the effort you put into the design. Often times the design can be just as important.

If designing a resume isn’t for you, consider using an inexpesive service like Fiverr to help you design something. For $5, you could have a complete resume design and only have to plug in the text you’ve written. While I do not advocate for paid resume services, $5 is an easy way to get your margins and spacing fixed in Microsoft word before you completely lose your mind.

Keep in mind other potential resume building tools you can use to help complete your resume.