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142 resume templates is really like 800+ resume templates per search. Read on. Another one of those websites. Offering a “free” resume builder and cover letter examples so I can share my info with potential companies. Their free, comes with a price. My email address, login, user name, blah, blah, blah.

What does free really mean? If you search Google for a resume generator, the list of garbage is endless: overly flashy examples of what looks like a great resume…turning out to be sub-optimal in nearly every way.

“Start with an active verb, numerically measure what you accomplished, provide a baseline for comparison, and detail what you did to achieve your goal,”

Laszlo Bock – former HR leader at Google

My hope is with a guide how to write a resume and providing free resume templates, you will be empowered and ready to apply for more jobs and get more interviews.

Your resume examples shared will be some of the best in the world, available for you to make use of in your job search. Some include resume cover letters and others don’t. As far as cover letters go, you’re best off putting effort into the actual resume and leaving the cover letter to another time.

Why does a Resume Template matter?

Here’s your chance: using all of your experience, hard work, education, and skills to present the story of who you are as an employee. Making your resume is just that: the presentation of your experience in totality. Why not make it the best it can be?

Unfortunately, most lose the chance to share their true potential and experience because they get stuck at the professional resume step. They’re either their resume using an old Microsoft Word format or they’ve spent way too much money on a “professional resume template” or “resume writing service” that promises to deliver you the job of your dreams.

Truth is, you’re better off learning from what others have done, and what makes a resume effective.

This post will teach you:

  • How to write a resume
  • Example of resume
  • Professional resume builder
  • Resume format
  • Where to find an unlimited source of resume templates

“I don’t think there’s any skill more critical for success than resilience,”

Adam grant – Wharton Business School Professor

How to Write a Resume

We’re getting into it – Did you know there are REAL resumes for review available for free online?! And no, not all of those “resume template” websites that advertise free templates when you sign up for their newsletter and give them all of your contact info.

1. Select a template

Use a Google search to x-ray for resume books. Resume books are shared by universities of soon-to-be college graduates. Take advantage of their content and apply their best format to your own resume.

Here is the search string to use in Google (you can alternate year or schools as necessary, but I prefer these universities resume formats):

filetype:pdf “resume book” AND (mba OR “m.b.a.” OR “masters of business”) AND (harvard OR carnegie OR “university of chicago” OR stanford OR yale OR MIT OR “m.i.t.”) AND 2007

It should look something like this:

Resume template screenshot on Google

Plenty of professional resume examples in this bunch. You will want to download a few of these PDF attachments and begin reviewing the resume books for content. What you’re looking for is a style and format that aligns with your preference.

In terms of best resume format, think about yourself as a hiring manager. Review these resumes and decide which of them are the easiest to read, regardless of accomplishments. Do not start reading through their many achievements in the Science Club or the Juggling Squad.

“Think like a hiring manager; look for dates, education, and job titles. Your resume should be designed with that in mind.”

Jack delk – bagsy.org founder

Use these resume examples and act like a hiring manager. Look for their education, dates of employment, job titles, and overall layout.

2. Use a resume readability checklist

  • Can you easily find important information about the candidate’s education? i.e. school, degree, if they graduated?
  • Can you quickly find if the candidate is currently employed and how long they have been at their current job?
  • Can you quickly find the candidate’s experience level or years of experience?

All of these are items hiring managers will look for when reviewing resumes. It’s something done manually for the most part when reviewing resumes. Be sure, as you review the different resume templates to find your perfect template that fits your experience, you’re able to answer these.

3. Decide on fit and resume format

I mentioned Adam Grant earlier, a professor at Wharton Business School. His resume is 32 pages – literally. Yours is probably not (and shouldn’t be).

This doesn’t mean you need to find a resume template that has the exact same experience you do, including education, and titles. BUT, you do need to find a resume template that isn’t outrageous.

4. Utilize a PDF converter

Now the fun part! You’ve narrowed in on a finalist and you’re ready to start writing your resume. Upload the PDF resume book to a free PDF to Word converter. There are a few on the web, you can try these if you’re not having any luck (I have no affiliation with these whatsoever):

“The most important tool you have on a resume is language.”

Jay Samit – Vice Chairman of Deloitte

Resume help is here – utilize the information in formatting you see in these resumes. Under NO circumstances, copy or plagiarism the writing of others for your resume. Your resume writing is important but never worth being accused and confirmed of plagiarism.

Think about your resume examples as inspiration and layout design in how to write a resume. Resume format and the ability for hiring managers to find this information is the most important.

Let's Review: 4 Pieces of Bull*** You'll Hear About Your Resume bagsy.org

Let’s Review: 4 Pieces of Bull*** You’ll Hear About Your Resume

What hurts the most (is being so close) no, seriously. The worst part about this section is someone VERY close to you, who cares about you deeply, has likely shared one of these pieces of advice with you. Either in passing or directly sought out feedback, these quotes on resume advice are nothing new. In fact, keep score at home – I’ll tell you at the end how you rank.

Each quote you’ve heard before from a loved one (or colleague) counts as 1-point. Tally up your points at the end and review at the bottom.

1. Your resume should be only one page – period.

Your resume should be only one page - period graphic bagsy

Ugh – this one is the worst. While yes, it’s a great idea to have your resume limited to one page, at some point, you will run out of room. DO NOT, be a newly graduated from college job seeker who has a two page resume. That is not an option. Unless you’ve gone back to college after 20 years of experience, two pages will not work.

2. No one really reads your resume anyway.

No one really reads your resume anyway.bagsy

Half true and not in all instances. Some believe they must have the correct keywords on their resume to get found and this just isn’t the case. Most job postings with a company <10,000 employees will have someone from HR or a dedicated recruiter reviewing resumes on a one-by-one basis.

Your resume is super important, so don’t let this nay-saying talk get in the way of you writing an amazing resume.

3. You must list objective, then education, then experience.

You must list objective, then education, then experience.

There’s no magic formula. Seriously. No one agreed the official resume template 2019 was going to be in any particular order. While I believe that resume objectives are a waste of space, you aren’t required to assemble your resume in any particular order.

4. To get the best resume, hire a professional to write it for you.

To get the best resume, hire a professional to write it for you.

I’ve written about paid resume writing services extensively. Remember your English professor who taught intro to English lit. your Freshmen year? Yeah – that person now writes resumes on the side for $150/pop.

They may sound super fancy and professional, but they normally read terribly. No regular person writes a resume with it coming out like Shakespeare – nor are they required. Unless you’re applying for a professional writing job, the quality of the content should read like a normal human and not a superficial, resume writing service.

“The wrong personality with the greatest resume in a business will not grow that business.”

Jon Taffer – Host, Bar Rescue


Why go through all of this? Why discuss resume objectives, resume templates, and resume writing?

It’s an easy answer – it matters. People get better jobs by interviewing. People get interviews by submitting their resume. Your resume must share the correct messaging and any old resume template you find online shouldn’t be your first go to. With that, one final list to share.

6 Ways to Know Your Resume Template Sucks

In checklist fashion, again, keep track of these with your resume and figure out if there are some major or minor changes you should make. Your resume writing comes down to more than just the resume template, but here are 10 ways to know for sure that your resume template sucks.

1. It uses colored boxes, vectors or other layout art.

Your resume isn’t art. It shouldn’t look like it either UNLESS you’re a graphic designer, showcasing your skills. There is no reason to have a giant blue box on the left margin, for no reason. Keep the artsy stuff to Pinterest and away from your professional resume. It shouldn’t live anywhere close to your resume.

2. The resume template includes your photo.

I’d love to see you in person – if you’re qualified for the job. That said, don’t show me what you look like in person when I don’t ask for it. Especially in the United States where photos are not (and cannot) be required to apply for a job.

This creates an awkward position for the employer who is reviewing your resume. Plus, I’m sure you think you look great. Does everyone else? Seriously, do 99%+ of strangers look at your picture and think, “I’d like to hire this person.” – keep the photos off.

3. There are spaces for your skills, talents, hobbies, experience, education, objective, and mission statement.

Don’t over do it. You do not need this many sections in your resume and clearly all of these filled out would leave you with a 15 page resume. Use the KISS method and keep it simple. The more straightforward it is to find information on you resume or your resume cover letter, the better off you’ll be.

Your resume is not a complete life story, nor should it stand in for an explanation of who you are as a person. Don’t include everything and the kitchen sink.

4. You have a Microsoft cartoon paperclip assisting you.

Clippy from Microsoft Word bagsy

It’s time to upgrade your Office 365 if this is the case. Clippy was great, but isn’t for nowadays resume writing.

5. You aren’t able to edit or move things around as needed.

This step is absolutely crucial. If you can’t edit or change your resume template in the future, it’s useless. You also don’t want to be the person with 10 different resume templates you’re using at any one given time.

That said, keep your resume template to 1 or 2 depending on the job you’re applying to. Confirm and confirm again you’ll be able to easily edit this resume later on WITHOUT paying for any type of service. If this is locked down as a PDF for the end of time, you’ll be in rough shape when trying to add new experience later on.

6. A stranger can’t read it and know who you are in 4 seconds.

If you’re feeling brave, take your resume to a Starbucks. As you’re waiting for your order, ask the person standing there for help.

  1. I’d like to share my resume with you for feedback, would that be ok?
  2. I’ll ask you to pause looking at it after 5-seconds and see what you’re able to figure out.
  3. Don’t feel bad or uncomfortable providing honest feedback. I’m also happy to try this exercise with someone else if you’d prefer.

Here’s the true test in how well your resume is actually written. While a professional recruiter will be able to discern a resume’s content much faster, the average person should be able to review in 5-seconds and get the gist. If they can’t, your resume template sucks.

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