Ugh…hate is a strong word. I’m real close to saying it though with how I feel about paid resume writing services. They prey on people who are (in some cases) in their most desperate time of need, only to use their hopes and dreams against them and charge them a bunch of money.

Here’s the truth: A good vs bad resume will not be the difference of you getting a job if you aren’t qualified for it.

Here’s another truth: Someone with the right qualifications could get a job at Google with a resume written in watercolors. (I’ve seen it, really)

Now what?

If you need help with your resume, read below and we’ll get you there. The below are basic topics/sections of resume stuff folks need help with. Find what makes sense and use the FREE resources to get there on your own terms.

  • General resume section writing

For bullet points, responsibilities, descriptions, etc. Start with this link to search for other resumes from people that are already written. Disclaimer: don’t copy anything. This is merely for inspiration and ideas about verbiage.

Search for resumes for what you do in your current role (location isn’t important) and start reading. You should have thousands of real resumes to flip through and get some better idea of what you should put in your resume. Find compelling info in these resumes you can use to structure your own.

  • Resume layout and formatting

If you hate Microsoft Word and those stupid bullet points and margins, this is the section for you. Here’s a bunch of free tools to automatically format your resume:

My Perfect Resume



Got Resume Builder

  • Misc Tips

Keep your pages down. One page isn’t required but if you only have 2 years of experience at Starbucks, your resume better not be two pages.

It’s an advertisement, not a biography. You’re just trying to get them interested enough to pick up the phone, not to propose to you. Keep them wanting more and don’t tell your life story.

Avoid personal details. Photos, family information, anything weird…this makes folks in HR uneasy and at times, may turn them off from reaching out for fear of legal issue. Just don’t.

Check formatting. It might be you formatted your resume in Microsoft Word and when they open the resume in Google Docs, it gets all jacked up. Save it as a PDF and be safe with formatting issues.


I know, I know. These sites sound so tempting at their promises to deliver you your dream job on a silver platter with so much money you can retire right after you accept the job…all you need is to pay $499 for their Platinum Premium Ultra Super Resume Writing Service.

It’s bullshit. Seriously. I’ve conducted over 20,000 interviews and reviewed close to half a million resumes. They aren’t that important. If you still want help, check out There you can find a bunch of creators who will write a full resume for you for $5. Just use the filters to be sure you aren’t seeing the most expensive ones at the top.

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