Why? I just don’t understand…

This is going to hurt. As much as it pains me to share the gut-wrenching truth about why you aren’t getting calls about your incredible resume, I’m going to lay it out.

Most people start their job search on various job boards; CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster are the usual suspects. You can’t get an interview regardless of the job search site.

5 Cold-Hard Truths About Job Applications

  • Your application and resume won’t be looked at. At all.
Your application and resume won't be looked at. At all.

How could this be? My qualifications, my education, my experience…it’s exactly what the job websites are advertising…what’s more, the job I found is near me and it’s what I want.

This doesn’t matter. Companies on average have over 45 open jobs for every 1 recruiter responsible for reviewing and checking applications. Here’s some sobering math:

45 open jobs X roughly 54 applicants (average) = 2,430 applications to review. How motivated is that recruiter to review all 2,000+?

  • The job posting may not even be considering “new” candidates.

Jobs are often posted. They aren’t always open. What does this mean?

When a company needs to post a job on their job site, they submit the job description to be posted. It’s aggregated to Indeed jobs, LinkedIn careers, Monster jobs, and Careerbuilder. The job must be open, right?

Unfortunately, no. Just because the job is posted, doesn’t mean it’s in need of candidates or really open.

Did you know, in order to receive the proper immigration approval, companies must post a job before they’re granted the immigration necessary for someone who needs sponsorship to work in the United States.

That means, the job you’re after, may be just the lawyers doing their job and “posting” the job before moving on to their preselected candidate.

  • The job might not be that important to fill.

You matter. Your career, your goals, aspirations, and everything you hope for in this world. The job you’re applying for, may not hold that same view or standard.

Think back to those 45 open jobs that are posted on different job boards for a particular company…where does your fall in the priority?

That recruiter who is responsible for reviewing the 2,000+ applications they receive every 30 days is also responsible for prioritizing the most important roles and ensuring they’re filled.

Think of it this way – do you think a role that reports to the CEO gets more attention than a role that reports to a Manager? (hint: yes).

  • Mood plays a part.

I just had a shitty phone call from the bank – in order for them to process my refinance, they need a whole heap of paperwork. Not just that, I need to call my wife and make sure her W2s accessible online so we can submit them too.

Now, I login to my applicant tracking system where I review those who have applied to the different job postings…who am I going to take my mood out on?

Angry for an interview

In life, we sometimes feel helpless. It’s normal. Life has a way of fuc*ing us over sometimes, and that sucks. Unfortunately, our human nature makes us feel like we want to flex that muscle in other areas of our life to regain control of the chaos.

All to often, I’ve seen this play out in how candidates are evaluated, particular those who are just applicants- not even interviewing candidates.

  • No, keywords don’t matter that much.

You heard that one tip where you’re supposed to “keyword stuff” your resume with a bunch of jargain to increase the odds your resume is looked at?

The systems we use are not nearly that helpful nor do they possess the ability to help filter in that capacity. Really.

Keyword stuffing will not help you position your resume any higher than anyone else. Even if it does, if your experience sucks, than it’s moot. Like a cows opinion. It really doesn’t matter.

What do I do then?!

The intent behind this post is to better inform you of what’s working against you when you click that apply button. Just because a job search site has the role posted that is exactly what you want, doesn’t mean you’ll get it. In fact, if Indeed jobs are what you’re using for your job search, you can certainly diversify to use CareerBuilder, Monster jobs, or LinkedIn jobs.

You can have the best resume in the world. The best experience. Sometimes, things are just out of your control.

Stay tuned for how we fix that.

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